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Г. Е. Выборова, К. С. Махмурян
Тесты по английскому языку для школьных олимпиад
Учебное пособие 
Четвертое издание
Издательство «Флинта» 
Издательство «Наука» 
ББК 82.1 Англ
В 92
Выборов» Г. Е„ Махмурян К. С.
Тесты по английскому языку для школьных олимпиад: Учебное пособие. - 4-е изд. - М.:
Флинта: Наука; 200t. - 80 с. 
ISBN 5-89349-102-5 (Флинта) 
ISBN 5-02-022582-7 (Наука)
Тесты составлены с учетом программы по английскому языку для средних школ и
направлены на контроль правил чтения, лингвострановедческих знании, грамматических и
лексических навыков. Приведенные ключи позволят проверить правильность выполнения
заданий и помогут избежать типичных ошибок.
Для учащихся средних школ, абитуриентов и студентов вузов, а также для всех, кто
хочет систематизировать свои знания по английскому языку и подготовиться к более
сложным международным тестам типа TOEFL, FCE и т. д.
ISBN 5-89349-102-5 (Флинта)
ISBN 5-02-022582-7 (Наука) 
© Издательство «Флинта», 1998
Test I
I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.
A traveller who had been riding in the rain and was wet through, arrived at a small hotel in the
country. There was only one fireplace in the hall and a lot of people around it. The traveller thought
of a plan how to get warm. He asked the hotel owner to take some fish to his horse. The hotel owner
was surprised but the traveller insisted and the hotel owner did as he was asked. All the people
rushed out to see the horse eat fish. The traveller had the fireplace all to himself and felt
comfortable. When the hotel owner returned he said, "I was sure horses do not eat fish."— "Then
why did you take it to my horse?"
1. Why did the hotel owner try to feed the horse with fish?
2. Why did the traveller ask him to do it?
II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.
The traveller thought of a plan how to get warm.
III. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную глагольную форму.
Once John Smith and his wife Mary who (1 — live) in a small house in the mountains, (2 —
find) a dog. Though the dog (3 — be) weak and hungry, he (4 — not eat) anything in the presence
of his new masters. Several days later the dog (5 — disappear). John and Mary (6 — leave) alone.
But one day when Smith (7 — travel) in a train, he (8 — see) his dog running along the road. He (9
— get) off the train at the next station, (10 — buy) a piece of meat, (11 — catch) the dog and (12—
bring) him home again. There the dog (13 — tie) up for a week.
The dog (14— escape) several times and each time he (15— run) north. At last the dog (16 —
decide) to stay at the cottage but a long time (17 — pass) before Smith and his wife (18 — can)
touch him. They (19 - call) him Wolf.
One summer a stranger (20 — come) to the cottage. As soon as the dog (21 — see) him, he
(22— rush) to the stranger and (23 — lick) his hands. Then the stranger (24 - say): "His name (25 -
be) not Wolf. It (26 - be) Brown. He (27 - be) my dog." Mary (28 - ask) to leave the dog with them.
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