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prose; an imaginative style; luminary effects; a parable; a technical freedom; unconventional
painting; to lay on the impastos; a palette knife; to carve the pigments; to produce etchings; to
surpass the predecessors: 'stone tablets'; colour and texture; rich tans and ochres; the encompassing
dark; to gleam against the translucent glazed; spirituality of the art; the Ten Commandments.
ii. Give English equivalents of the following phrases:
скрижали; прокуратор; библейская тема; окружающая чернота; мастихин; техника
офорта; превзойти предшественников; законопослушный; создавать офорты; терять популяр-
ность; гамма красок; притча; наложение красок густым слоем; сюжетно-тематический; этюд;
многочисленные произведения нетрадиционная живопись; изобразительный стиль; авто-
портрет; портрет во весь рост; поясной портрет; погрудный портрет; групповой портрет;
Десять Заповедей.
iii. Make up questions with the given phrases.
iv. Arrange the following in the pairs of synonyms.
a) carve; dim; various; theme; spiritual; law-abiding;
b) chisel; conventional; diverse; subject; dusky; religious.
IV. Insert the missing prepositions. Translate the text.. 
Saint Paul at his Writing-Desk, was painted by Rembrandt c. 1629/30. The pious Paul was a
fervent opponent ... the Christian religion.... a journey to combat the Christians he was blinded and
thrown ... ... a supernatural power. This event changed Paul totally. The enemy ... Christianity
became Apostle: now he travelled to spread the Word. Here Rembrandt painted St Paul seated ... his
desk ... the corner ... a room. His left hand is illuminated ... a light coming forth ... ... the book ... the
desk. This book, and the sword hanging... the wall are the attributes ... St. Paul. The sword refers ...
his beheading, while the book refers ... his conversion.
V. Insert the articles whenever necessary. Translate the text.. 
Rembrandt's Belshazzar's Feast, was created in 1635. ... Babylonian king Belshazzar
] is celebrating with his nobles, wives and concubines. Everyone is drinking wine from
... vessels stolen from ... Temple in Jerusalem. Suddenly ... divine hand appears and starts writing ...
strange script. Daniel was able to decipher ... text: which reads, "Mene mene tekel ufarsin". ... text
in Hebrew letters foretold ... death of Belshazzar and ... end of his empire. ... Belshazzar's feast was
a warning in ... 17-th century usage: profane feasts always end in ruin. Here Rembrandt portrayed ...
dramatic moment. He was ... master when it came to paint violent emotions.
VI. Here are descriptions of some of Rembrandt's works of art. Match them up to the given
1. It is an allegory of the man's earth ly journey.                        
2. Mystery dominates in this painting, reminding the living of their own inevitable destiny.
3. The angel is taken from the sight into an open cloud.
4. The subject of the painting is the formation of the militia company for a parade.
5. This painting stands at the ultimate peak of Christian spirituality.            
6. The text in Hebrew letters foretold the death.
a.    Return of the Prodigal Son
b. Angel Leaving Tobit and Tobias
c. The Polish Rider
d. Belshazzar's Feast
e. Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp
f. The Night Watch
VII. Translate the text into English.
Рембрандту ван Рейну удалось раскрыть сложный внутренний мир человека. Рембрандт
писал жанровые и религиозные сцены, портреты, автопортреты.
Традиционная для голландского искусства тема группового портрета в картине
Рембрандта "Урок анатомии доктора Тульпа" приобретает новый характер. Картина
воспринимается не как групповой портрет, а как жизненный эпизод. В "Ночном дозоре"
Рембрандт остановился на моменте, когда по сигналу тревоги на площадь выходят стрелки.
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