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почти не касается раковины. Струящиеся волосы прикрывают ее наготу. В своих работах
Боттичелли стремился примирить христианскую традицию с языческими мифами.
VIII. Summarize the text.
IX. Topics for discussion.
1. Botticelli as the precursor of the High Renaissance.
2. Savonarola's impact on Botticelli.
3. Botticelli's style and characters.
I. Read the text, retell it. Add whatever information you can. Here are some facts from the life
of the gods of Olympus [
]. But before reading the text learn the names of the gods. 
Zeus [
] - Зевс; Cronus [
] - Крон; Rhea [
] - Рея; Titans [
] -
Титаны; Tartarus [
] - Тартар; Нега [
] - Гера; Apollo [
] - Аполлон;
Muses [
] - Музы; Artemis [
] - Артемида; Hermis [
] - Гермес;
Aphrodite [
] - Афродита; The Horae [
] - Горы; Hephaestos [
] -
Гефест; Erinyes [
] - Эйрена; Nike [
] -Ника; Hebe [
] - Геба; Ganymede
] - Ганимед; Themis[
] - Фемида; Dike [
] - Дике; Moirae [
- Мойры; Tyche [
] - Тихэ
Zeus, the father of gods and humans, god of the sky, thunder and lightning reigns on Olympus.
Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea. When he grew up he fought Cronus and the Titans and
imprisoned his opponents in Tartarus. Zeus married Hera, and she became his lawful and perpetual
wife. Countless gods and goddesses surround Zeus on Olympus. Among them are: Apollo, Artemis,
Aphrodite, Hermis, Athena and others. Athena was always Zeus' favourite. She was born fully
armed and shouting her dreaded war cry from the top of Zeus' head, which Hephaestus, his lame
son, split open with an axe. The beautiful Horae guard the entrance to high Olympus. The gods
feast in the golden halls erected by Hephaestus. Zeus sits on his throne, on both sides of which
stand two goddesses: Erinyes, the goddess of peace, and Zeus' permanent associate, winged Nike,
the goddess of Victory. When Hera enters the festival hall, all the gods render honours to her. She is
the patron goddess of the family and married women. During the feasts the gods are served by Zeus'
daughter Hebe, the goddess of youthful beauty, and Zeus' favourite cupbearer, Ganymede, the son
of Tros, the king of Troy. Hebe and Ganymede bring the gods and goddesses ambrosia and nectar.
The Three Graces and Nine Muses entertain the gods with their songs and dances. At these feasts
the gods decide all matters and determine the fate of the world and of men. From Mount Olympus
Zeus decrees laws; and Themis, the goddess of justice, and Dike, the defender of justice and truth,
help Zeus to guard them. The fate of men is determined by three merciless Fates (goddesses of
Destiny) - the Moirae. Nobody can escape their fate - neither gods nor mortals. The first goddess of
Fate spins the thread of life, the second determines its length, and the third cuts off the thread of
life. Tyche, one more goddess of Destiny, is the goddess of happiness and prosperity. From the
Horn of Plenty, that suckled the infant Zeus, she pours gifts on men and happy is he who meets
Tyche on his life-path.
The coming of the sixteenth century saw the rise of great artists in Italy - Raphael,
Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Their names have never lost their enormous fame.
High Renaissance style was founded by one of the most gifted individuals ever born. Leonardo
da Vinci, who has always been famous because of the fantastic range of his genius, fulfilled the
Renaissance ideal of the Universal Man. He was not only a great painter and sculptor, but also an
outstanding architect, an inventor, an engineer, a musician, and the leading physicist, botanist,
anatomist, geologist and geographer of his time.
Leonardo's fame as an artist is based on eighteen paintings that came down to us, some of them
incomplete, some damaged as a result of his experimental techniques. Leonardo's art surpassed the
achievements of his time. In an era when the continuing power of the Church competed in men's
mind with the revived authority of Classical antiquity, for Leonardo there was no authority higher
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