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4. What gods and goddesses are pictured in the Love of Gods'?
5. What do the four smaller lateral scenes in the Love of Gods depict? What do the two
horizontal framed pictures show? What do the end scenes represent? What does the central panel
show? What comes to a climax in the central scene? What is flanked by Mercury, Paris, Pan and
Selena? How are these gods pictured?
6. What else did the Carracci establish in addition to the principles of ceiling painting? Where
were these principles applied?
III. i. Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases:
a revival of the Renaissance; a long Mannerist interlude; to commission ceiling frescoes;
vigour and majesty; caryatids; illusionistic tradition; simulated marble and bronze statues; chariots
of the god and the mortal; a barrel vault; gilded frames; the complex layer of forms; the subject
matter; to flank pictures; to be incompatible with an ecclesiastic status; a heritage of masterpieces;
accompanied by deities; to veil a deep meaning; horizontal framed pictures; a central panel; lateral
scenes; unframed pictures; the triumph of divine love; public prudery; sacred figures; conceived at
the heart of the universe; the motive power; to resolve all conflicts; an unforeseeable act of
redemption; a superb creation; the substance and the drive; on the level; derive the landscape from
studies made outdoors; to construct the landscape in the studio.
ii. -Give English equivalents of the following phrases:
материя и энергия; картины в рамах; цилиндрический свод; великолепное творение;
всеобщее ханжество; продолжительный период Маньеризма; сила и мощь; в сопровождении
божеств; священные образы; наследие шедевров Ренессанса; колесницы богов и смертных;
не соответствовать духовному статусу заказчика; искупление грехов; кариатиды;
нарисованные мраморные и бронзовые статуи; сложный ряд форм; движущая сила; боковые
сцены; зарожденный в центре вселенной.
iii. Make up sentences of your own with the given phrases.
iv. Arrange the following in the pairs of synonyms:
a) lateral; antiquity; to account for; to flank; to accept; to resolve; conceive; superb; sacred; to
b) divine; sidelong; ancient times; to explain; to connect; to receive; originate; excellent; to
line; to solve.
IV. Match the names of the mythological personalities with the stories given below.
Galatea; Cyclops Polyphemus; Bacchus; Paris; Ariadne; Pan; Selena; Mercury.
1. She was the daughter of Minos [
], the king of Crete [
]. She gave a ball of
thread to Theseus [
] so that he could find his way back from the Labyrinth
2. The god of shepherds and herds, he was extremely ugly. He was half-god, half-goat. He had
a beard, horns on his forehead [
] and a hairy body.
3. He served as a herald of gods; there were wings on his helmet and his heels; and he bore a
sceptre [
4. He was the giant with supreme natural powers, he had one eye and tended his herds. He
lived in a cave on the island of Sicily. He was a cannibal and did not have knowledge of wine. He
was occupied only with his sheep.
5. He was the son of the king of Troy. Zeus gave him a difficult job of judging which of the
three goddesses Hera, Athena or Aphrodite ought to receive the golden apple (the apple of discord)
with the words: "To the most beautiful".
6. The god of wine and gaiety. Wherever he went, he spread the culture of wine and the rituals
associated with every stage of its cultivation.
7. The goddess of Moon, the daughter of the Titans [
] Hyperion [
and Thea [
8. The nymph who was loved by the shepherd Acis [
] and by Cyclops Polyphemus.
Polyphemus, jealous of Acis' success in winning the love of the nymph, crushed him under the
rock, but the nymph turned him into a river.
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