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Giotto [‘
]; Jesus Christ [‘
]; Mary [‘me
Madonna [m
]; Virgin [‘v
in]; Martha ['mа:
]; fresco
['freskou]; Adam [
]; Eve [i:v]; Arena Chapel [
Byzantine [bi'z
ntain]; Padua ['p
]; Florentine ['florentain];
Lazarus ['l
s]; Redemption [ri'dempn]; recognise ['rekegnaiz];
layer ['lei
]; contemporaries [k
riz]; shepherd ['ep
masterpiece ['ma:st
pi:s]; perspective [p
'spektiv]; accomplish [
]; medieval
[medi'i:vl]; wilderness ['wildnis]; sacrifice [s
krifais]; expulsion [ik'sp
n]; angels ['eind
surface ['s
Joachim among the Shepherds - "Встреча Иоакима с пастухами"
Raising of Lazarus - "Воскрешение Лазаря"
Lamentation [l
n] -"Оплакивание" 
Madonna and Child Enthroned - "Величание" ("Маеста" из Оньиссанти)
Redemption - Искупление Грехов 
The Vices and the Virtues - Грехи и Добродетели 
protagonist - главный герой 
Joachim ['j
kim] - Иоаким
I. Read the text. Mark the following statements true or false.
1. Giotto's greatness is recognized only today.
2. Giotto produced cubic forms on a flat surface.
3. Jesus and Mary are the protagonists of Giotto's frescoes.
4. In Giotto's frescoes the figures float through the heavens.
5. The composition is centred around Lazarus.
6. In the Lamentation to typify the desolation of the scene Giotto depicted a bare tree against
the blue background.
II. How well have you read? Can you answer the following questions?
1. How was Giotto characterized by his contemporaries?
2. What did Giotto represent in the frescoes that line the interior of the Arena Chapel in Padua?
What is the subject of these frecoes?
3. What did Giotto introduce in his works of art?
4. What is depicted in one of Giotto's earliest frescoes? What device did Giotto use to
emphasize the three-dimensionality of Joackim's figure? What scale did he recognize for the figures
and for the surroundings?
5. How did Giotto represent the figures in the Madonna and Child Enthroned? How did Giotto
depict the throne? How is the background painted? What models the form in the Madonna and
Child Enthroned? What do Giotto's figures resemble?
6. What is represented in the Raising of Lazarus? What groups are distinguished in the fresco?
How are they arranged? How did Giotto show the perspective in this fresco?
7. What does the Lamentation depict? How did Giotto group the grieving figures? What
medieval legend is connected with the Tree of Knowledge?
III. i Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases:
to be recognized by the contemporaries; protagonist; ceremonial representation; to revive the
art of painting; a cycle of frescoes; to line the interior; in the wilderness; to arrange frescoes in three
layers; to cover walls with frescoes; to fresco the walls; to form a definite stage in space; frescoes
on panels; cubic rocks; three-dimensional forms; a limited space; wrapped in graveclothes;
according to the medieval legend; against the blue background; an ideal heavenly colour; Queen of
Heaven; to take shelter; firmly stand; to recognize one scale for the figures and another for the
surroundings; master's masterpiece; the miracle lies in; light without indication of source; to
produce for the first time; to design a halo; to introduce light and inward extension; to group the 
figures; to resemble sculptural masses; foreshortened in perspective; visual unity; to rule out the
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